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Where’s the asexual literature?

Posted 2 years ago on February 6, 2012 with 121 notes.
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    Thank you Femma. Having visually asexual characters or storylines that actually discuss asexuality would be a very good...
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    Maybe it’s a mistake to engage in this, but I am not seeing anyone say it would be wrong to have asexuality visibility...
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    bold is mine. i’m wondering the exact same thing. all the commentary above yours, lilyluna, had me going, “the hell?!”...
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    You’re not disagreeing with any of us, you’re just being mindlessly pedantic and SJWier-than-thou.
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    wow that was really harsh people above femmesandfamily, the OP only said “where’s the asexual literature” and as...
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    There should be more of all kinds of diversity in literature. I see nothing wrong with more asexual characters in...
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    Reblogging for the last comment. Fuck you all, how do you know there isn’t great asexual literature out there that’s...
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    apparently about to disagree with everyone. whatever. while I don’t think asexuality should necessarily be in the lgbt...
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